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Oscar Night 2011: The Best Jewelry

Celebs stepped away from the bold diamond drop earrings seen during award ceremonies leading up to the Oscars and chose either one statement piece or subtle classics. Diamond studs, classic diamond rings and necklaces and colored stones made appearances on … Continue reading


The Bachelor, Brad Womak, Buys $90,000 Engagement Ring

The Bachelor filmed several months ago. At the end of the season Brad Womack gives a rose, a proposal, and a $90,000 ring to one of the women. While the show’s producers normally choose the bauble, Brad chose it himself. … Continue reading


Over 200 Shop The ‘Running of The Brides”

Barney’s Warehouse sale has nothing on this. NY department store Filene’s held its annual ‘Running of the Brides’ this weekend, drawing more than 200 brides with the promise of wedding dresses worth $10,000 for just $249.


Price Of Diamonds Increasing. Act Now, Act Fast

If you are waiting to buy a diamond-for whatever reason-act fast.  Commodities prices are rising, including that most coveted jewel, the diamond.


GRammy 2011 Jewelry Trend: Dangling Earrings

As rock stars and rappers and country singers hit the red carpet last night dressed to the nines, (or in Lady Gaga’s case as an egg) one trend was clear when it came to jewelry: dangling diamond earrings are hot.


It’s Not Too Late: Diamonds For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is just four days away! Do you have a gift yet? Are you planning on grabbing one last minute? Are you going to be late anyway? If so, your sweetheart isn’t going to forgive you if a week later … Continue reading