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Maintaining the Prongs on your engagement ring.

Whether your ring is made of platinum or gold, you have to remember that metal can get worn down over the years.  With regular wear, it is normal for prongs to become worn and eventually they can bend or break.  We recommend you bring your jewelry to be inspected by a professional at least once every year.  You should also periodically take a close look at your rings and make sure everything looks normal.  Although it is hard to tell in the picture below, the prongs on this particular ring were worn down to barely a tenth of a millimeter.  The ring had been worn daily for 22 years and the owner had been keeping an eye on it.  When we finally worked on the ring we were able to replace all of the prongs, essentially rebuilding a new ring.  The money spent maintaining a ring is only a fraction of what it would cost had one of the stones been lost.

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