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Custom Channel-Set Princess-Cut Wedding Band

A few years ago, a long time friend and customer came to me with a special request.  He wanted to purchase three stone ring with three different stones in  it.  Each stone has special meaning and I was happy to oblige.  He was the first to own our Three Stone Monaco setting, I don’t believe it even had a name yet, and we set it with a diamond in the center and a sapphire and a garnet on the sides.  He recently came to me looking for a band that would go with it but could not find anything on the website.  We discussed the various options, sizes, and budget and decided to create a channel set band with princess cuts that would be hand engraved to complement the first ring.  Here is a composite image of the original ring that I had in my files and the new band.


Cushion and Graduated Trapazoid Engament Ring

Every ring we design is an adventure in interpretation and communication.  The clients who wanted this ring came into our showroom with the idea that she wanted a 5 carat stone with big baguettes coming down the side and split prongs.  Well, needless to say, the budget he had in mind was going to be stretched, but we started the process anyway.  The central piece of any engagement ring is the center stone and our first job was to pick one she liked.  Much to his relief, the 5 carat stones all looked too big on her and so we aimed a little smaller.  The winning candidate was a 3.5 ct cushion cut.  We build out from there, quickly realizing that baguettes, or more appropriately tapered baguettes were not what she had visualized.  They were too skinny and the look they were after was more substantial.  A little trial and error brought us to graduated brilliant-cut trapezoids.

We sketched the ring while they were here and lo and behold, with the side stones, the total weight was 5 carats! They left with a copy of our sketch, anticipating the finished ring.

About 10 days later, he returned to pick up the ring.

We have now received 4 phone calls over the last couple of months thanking us and telling us how much they love the ring.


Custom East West Oval Engagement Ring

East West Oval Engagement RingA little while ago, I sat down with a client who knew she wanted an oval as an engagement ring stone and wanted it set East-West instead of the more traditional North-South direction.  Over a period of a few weeks we went back and forth with potential designs, always keeping in mind that her finger was a size 4.5.  We finally hit the proverbial nail on the head and she decided to flank the oval with two trapezoids.  The result was stunning.  The center stone weighs 1.5 carats and the traps weigh a total of approximately 0.4 carats.


Three Stone Trellis Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

The classics never go out of style.  Here is a stunning three stone trellis engagement ring we recently completed for a customer overseas.  The center stone weighs 1.2 carats and the side stones weigh about 0.4 carats each giving the ring a total weight of 2 carats.  We made this ring in 18K yellow gold and our customer could not be happier with the results.


Deco Engagement Ring

Here is a ring that we designed with a customer around an 0.8 carat oval diamond.  With an additional approximately 0.85 carats of small stones surrounding it, this relatively inexpensive ring delivered a huge look and one very happy bride-to-be.


Three Stone Princess-cut Engagement Ring with Custom Engraving

Recently a customer contacted us with what he thought was a bit of a puzzle.  He really liked our HENR6009 but felt the lines were too modern.  He loved the three princess cuts and the rows of princess cut melée stones going down the shank but he really liked some of the more vintage styles like Monaco collection or some of the more intricate engraved models we show.  This was not a puzzle at all.  We offered to hand engrave the style he liked to transform it into something he loved.  The center stone is a 1 ct Princess cut diamond.  It has 0.2 cts on either side and 14 little Princess cuts in the shank weighing a total of approximately 0.3 carats.


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engagement Ring can be affordable.

Congratulations to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on their engagement!  Justin reportedly gave Jennifer a whopping 8 carat emerald cut set between tapered baguettes.  I admire him for not trying to reinvent the wheel and giving her one of the most classic engagement ring styles of all times.  It might be big but it is such a beautiful design that it is the perfect symbol of enduring love.  You don’t have to take out a mortgage or a home equity loan to afford this same style.  We can create the same ring with slightly more down to earth proportions.  Here is such an engagement ring with a 2.5 carat center stone and o.4 ctTW baguettes on the side, set in platinum. This was a customized version of our classic style which you can find at by clicking here.


Pavé Halo and Shank Engagement Ring

A couple of months back, a customer requested a ring “with diamonds everywhere”.  This was a pretty broad request and after a couple of meetings and countless quick sketches, we finally had what we all hoped was what she wanted.  The center stone weighs 1.75 carats and there is a total of approximately 0.85 carats of diamonds set in the halo and around the shank.  We delivered the ring about 3 weeks after the whole process started.  When we opened the box and showed him the ring, his jawed dropped.  They were both speechless and we got worried for a second.  Then her face lit up and she said it was beautiful beyond her imagination.


Maintaining the Prongs on your engagement ring.

Whether your ring is made of platinum or gold, you have to remember that metal can get worn down over the years.  With regular wear, it is normal for prongs to become worn and eventually they can bend or break.  We recommend you bring your jewelry to be inspected by a professional at least once every year.  You should also periodically take a close look at your rings and make sure everything looks normal.  Although it is hard to tell in the picture below, the prongs on this particular ring were worn down to barely a tenth of a millimeter.  The ring had been worn daily for 22 years and the owner had been keeping an eye on it.  When we finally worked on the ring we were able to replace all of the prongs, essentially rebuilding a new ring.  The money spent maintaining a ring is only a fraction of what it would cost had one of the stones been lost.


Creating a Custom Ring

Our clients often come to us with little to no idea of what they want.  Others have very definite opinions and will bring pictures from magazines they have gathered over time.  And some of our clients come to us with a sketch.  In this case, they had drawn something on a napkin and brought it along. Her idea was that she wanted to set a round stone and two smaller princess cut stones in a fairly ornate ring with diamonds running down 3 sides of the shank.  Her sketch was basically exactly what she wanted.  After our initial discussion, we created a CAD image of our understanding of her sketch (Version 1 in the image below).  She loved it but she really wanted some scroll work on the side to break up the mass of the ring and she felt the princess cuts were not big enough.  Version accomplished that but unfortunately brought the price over her budget.  After talking it over, she decided to stick with the larger side stones but could save some money by reducing the number of diamonds going down the shank by half.  We originally planned on 36 small stones and Version 3 brought that down to 18.  This turned out to look to “stubby”.  The final version added a 4th stone (on three sides on both sides of the ring) and was the winner.  This whole design process took about 3 weeks and our customer got exactly what she wished for.