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Price Of Diamonds Increasing. Act Now, Act Fast

If you are waiting to buy a diamond-for whatever reason-act fast.  Commodities prices are rising, including that most coveted jewel, the diamond.

As of now, the Diamond Price Index is up almost 10 percent in 12 months, the biggest year-over-year increase since 2008, according to Morgan Stanley and the International Diamond Exchange. Prices for rough diamonds increased by 27 percent in 2010 to levels higher than before the global financial crisis.

Futures for other jewelry components silver [SICV1 31.57 0.941 (+3.07%)], gold [GCCV1 1385.10 10.00 (+0.73%)] and platinum [PLCV1 1844.00 9.70 (+0.53%)] are up 90 percent, 23 percent and 19 percent respectively over the last 12 months. Which means-not only will you be paying more for the stones, but also the setting on your engagement ring.

Another factor driving the price up is demand from China.

The clock is ticking. Ready, set, go. DiamondIdeals has plenty of options and our prices have not changed.


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